How to pair a power meter to the console

Guide to console buttons:
To exit the SETTINGS mode, press the AVG/END button
Pairing steps
1. Activate the console by pressing any button.
2. Press and hold the BACKLIGHT and AVG/END buttons for 5 seconds to enter the SETTINGS menu
3. Use the AVG/END button to advance the settings menu and hit STAGE to enter PAIRING
4. Select PWR METER with the STAGE button, then select ENTER ANT. Locate the ANT+ ID on the sticker attached to the left crank arm.
Locating the ANT+ ID: The 4-5 digit ID number appears in several stickers applied to the crank arm.
5. Enter the ANT+ ID from the crank sticker in using the following keys:
Use the BACKLIGHT button to advance the digit. The number will increase from 0-9 and return to 0.
Use the AVG/END button to move to the next digit. The highlight will move from left to right and return to the first digit.
6. Once the ANT+ ID displayed matches the power meter, press the STAGE button to begin pairing
Spin the power meter on the bike. This will wake the power meter and allow the console to link to it.
7. Complete the pairing process
If the pairing process is successful, the word PAIRED will appear in the message banner.
8. When ZERO RESET is displayed on the screen, press the STAGE button to begin the zero reset process
Place the crank arm in the 6 o'clock position with NO weight on the pedal to successfully zero reset. This process will take several seconds, but the console will display SUCCESS once it is completed. If FAILED appears, please attempt the zero reset again after ensuring the crank is in the proper position.
What to do if the pairing has failed?
1. Check that the crank has new batteries installed,
2. Make sure the crank has been rotated,

3. Hold the console close to the power crank in order to avoid interruptions from other ANT+ devices in the area