Getting started with your Wheelhouse Bike

Level your Bike
Underneath each of the four corner is a manual levelling foot, turn each of the feet to eliminate any movement of the bike.
Adjusting your Seat Position
To maximize comfort, we recommend that the seat height be level with your hips. (Put your hand on your waist right above the hip bone and measure the seat to this area.) To adjust the height, turn the knob on the seat height adjustment pin counterclockwise to loosen. Pull the pin out, raise or lower the seat as desired, then lock back in. Then turn the knob clockwise to securely tighten and fully lock in place.
To find your ideal seat depth, start by placing an elbow at the front of the seat and extend your fingers toward the handlebar. With your other hand, make a fist and place it right at the end of your fingertips. To adjust, turn the knob on the seat adjustment pin counterclockwise to loosen, adjust the seat forward or backward until there’s no space between your fist and the handlebar knob. Then turn the handlebar knob clockwise to securely tighten and lock in place.
Adjusting your Handlebar Position
We recommend that the handlebar height be level with, or slightly higher than, the seat. To adjust, turn the knob on the handlebar adjustment pin counterclockwise to loosen, then pull the pin out. Raise or lower the handlebars as desired, then lock the pin back in. Turn the knob clockwise to securely tighten and fully lock in place for the best seat in the house.
Confirm the Fit of your Wheelhouse Bike
It’s important to ride the Bike after making adjustments to confirm that your seat height, seat depth, and handlebar height are positioned correctly for your comfort and performance.
Feel free to modify your seat position or handlebar height position to accommodate any unique physical needs or limitations.
Adjusting the Resistance of your Wheelhouse Bike
Wheelhouse Bikes include an easy-to-use resistance knob that adds resistance by rotating the knob clockwise, which adjusts an "eddy current brake", which is two large magnets positioned near the fly wheel that add and remove resistance based on distance from the flywheel. This allows for a smooth, silent, frictionless resistance system.
Clipping into your Wheelhouse Bike

Fit the cleat into the pedal by pointing your toes downward, then pushing down through your heel until it locks in. To clip out, while pushing the resistance knob down, kick your heels away from the bike. Always be sure you’re clipped in safely before beginning each ride, and never remove your feet from the pedals until both pedals and the flywheel have completely stopped.